Internal Audit and Due Diligence like Internal audit, Internal controls, Regularity compliance management solution & Due diligence

Internal audit

  • Creating an enterprise wide risk-based audit program

  • Assessing the company’s structure, technology use, methodologies, people, approach, performance relative to plans and policies

  • Assessing the company’s procedures relative to professional standards, best practices and the needs of its customers

  • Performing cost reduction analysis through detailed study of various costs and identifying avoidable/ high cost areas

  • Performing process audits and management reviews in areas such as inventory, procurement review, revenue assurance, receivables review etc.

Internal controls

  • Preparing risk and control matrix (RCM)

  • Preparing standard operating procedures (SOP)

  • Implementing controls as per RCM and SOP

  • Testing controls as per RCM and SOP

Regularity compliance management solution

  • Identifying the regulatory universe applicable to the Company and creating central monitoring of all regulatory obligations

  • Providing compliance advisory for all events in the Company

  • Establishing authority and responsibility matrix

Due diligence

  • Undertaking financial due diligence and due diligence of various laws on behalf of a transferee/ investee company

  • Conducting financial due diligence (FDD) of small and medium level targets (buy side/ sell side)

  • Assisting in financial due diligence (FDD) by creation of data room, cold review of information to be provided to DD team, advising on potential issues etc.

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