HNI Accounts & Tax Management Services like Engagement Start-up, Accounting Management, Tax Management & Compliance, Certification, Succession Planning

Engagement Start-up

  • Appointing a single point of contact (SPOC) for customized solutions while maintaining confidentiality

  • Liaisoning/ coordinating with bankers, brokers, mutual funds, portfolio managers, etc. for obtaining transaction statements

  • Obtaining comprehensive understanding of financial goals and analysing the related tax aspects

Accounting Management

  • Accounting of all the transactions undertaken as per the accounting practices prevalent in India

  • Assisting in audit of books of accounts, wherever required

Tax Management & Compliance

  • Advising on the planning/ structuring of various transactions to optimize the tax benefits available under various laws

  • Advising on the capital gains on securities, immovable property, gift taxation, tax exemptions claims, tax deductible investments etc.

  • Advising on tax aspects of cross border transactions

  • Obtaining lower or nil withholding tax certificates from the tax department

  • Assisting in tax compliances including timely computation/ payment of advance tax and regulations related to withholding tax

  • Preparing final computation of income tax and ensuring that all the benefits as available in income tax laws are considered

  • Preparing and filing of income tax return

  • Assisting in income tax assessments including filing of appeals with the concerned authorities

  • Verifying intimations received from income tax authority, filing rectification requests (if required) and assistance in obtaining refunds from the tax authorities

  • Assisting in estate and succession planning

  • Assisting in Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS) compliances

Professional Certification

  • Assisting in obtaining net worth certification or any other certification, as per requirement

Succession Planning

  • Assisting in family succession planning and business succession planning

  • Assisting in preparation of will

  • Assisting in preparation of trust


  • Assisting in making remittances outside India in line with the applicable exchange control regulations in India

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